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fieldnotes / (2019)
fieldnotes is a book about the physical experience of anxiety. Observations on what it looks like when symptoms begin to manifest physically, recorded as they appear as real and visual in the world around me. Like vines that rise up inside you or creep up the side of a house, like the wind through the trees or a chill down your spine, a gate that won't open and thoughts you can't escape. These thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations, which are all consuming, yet anything but outwardly monumental, are reflected in photographic fieldnotes taken from my day to day life, shot over years of living with anxiety.

Risograph printed on Fedrigoni Freelife Vellum and Munken Lynx papers. Printed using Black, Yellow, Aqua and Fluorescent Pink inks.

First Edition of 50. Published by Damn Fine Press in Dublin, November 2019.
Available to purchase here.